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To know the kind of computer that would be best for you, you have to take a few things into account.


We measure graphics resolution in computers, in pixels. A pixel can be described as one of the many dots that constitute an image's representation on a monitor. The total number of pixels - both horizontal and vertical - your screen is capable of displaying is what determines the quality. A new computer, as an example, is capable of displaying 1600x1280 px along with millions of colors as well.


The speed with which your computer loads and refreshes is measured in Hertz. One cycle per second is the same as one Hertz. The CPU's speed, for instance, is calculated based on how quickly it can complete cycles to carry out commands. If you have a 1000 megahertz or MHz CPU for instance, that means that the central processing unit of your computer makes 1000 million cycles every second. Some other things that are measured using Hertz are radio frequency and wireless communications as well.

Workstations, as well as laptops, differ. The difference between Workstations can be defined by the different components as well as peripherals which the computers that make up the Workstations have. That is also what makes each workstation better suited to different operations. For example, a computer used mainly for operations on Microsoft Excel will be very different from the one which is used for gaming. Before going ahead to buy components for your computer, always know exactly what you want to use the PC for.

These days, Workstations, as well as laptop computers, have a lot of companies churning them out. Each system is made for a different set of operations and furthermore, there are places where one can get custom built computers, assembled according to predefined specifications.

Below are some benefits of pre-assembled computers:

1.) They usually cost less than custom built computers.

2.) With these, one can expect a good performance.

3.) One does not need to waste time waiting for the computer to be assembled.

4.) It is ideal for the average computer user who doesn't have unique tasks to perform.

While they may perform well, pre-assembled computers do not achieve the same levels of performance as custom built computers.

Some benefits of custom built computers are below:

1.) The buyer has the option of selecting the components that go into the computer.

2.) Due to higher performance levels, they can be used to operate high-performance applications such as AutoCAD or Photoshop e.t.c

However, custom built computers are usually more costly and take a longer time to arrive since one has to wait for them to be assembled as per specifications.

The components of a computer can be bought and assembled personally if that is what you want, but whatever you choose, ensure that what you'll get in the end, is exactly what you want.