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For gamers, it can be very frustrating when the laptops we have are not capable of giving us the kind of gaming experience we require. That is why when selecting a gaming laptop, it is important to look out for certain crucial features.

Now, the first thing to know is that high-end gaming laptops, compared to desktops, are rather costly. If you don't want to spend a lot but still need that amazing gaming experience and access to latest games, then you should probably stick with a desktop. The reason is that desktops aside from being less expensive, are also more powerful.

That being said, however, gaming laptops exist as well which will satisfy your gaming needs at any point. They are also portable in case you need to travel frequently because of your job.

For those of us with enough patience to search thoroughly, it is possible to locate gaming laptops at relatively affordable prices. You may be tempted to capture the first 'deal' you come across, but don't do that. Search some more and ensure you cover every available option, then you can pounce on the best deal. One thing to look for while buying a gaming laptop is the video card. It has to be a very good and recent one because if not, your gaming experience will be ruined. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 and ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 are two of the best you will find, which is not to say there aren't others as well. Study the laptop specs before you make a choice.

Another thing to look at is the RAM. It is one of the components that directly determines if your game will run smoothly or not. A RAM of 2GB is good although I would personally suggest you go for at least 4GB (of the DDR3 variety mind you).

The Central Processing Unit also has to be solid in order to avoid a situation where your game crashes mid-play and you need a strong hard drive. Some of the best laptops for games, under $1000, come with impressive processors but their hard drives are usually lacking. When selecting, go for a SATA hard drive with as many rpm (rotations per minute) as possible. From personal experience, 7200 rpm is quite standard. Also, only select laptops with high res capabilities.

For now, desktops are still better than laptops, but it is only a matter of time before they become obsolete due to their impracticality. Also, laptops are quickly catching up to them, so investing in one is not a bad idea at all.