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For gamers, it can be very frustrating when the laptops we have are not capable of giving us the kind of gaming experience we require. That is why when selecting a gaming laptop, it is important to look out for certain crucial features.

Now, the first thing to know is that high-end gaming laptops, compared to desktops, are rather costly. If you don't want to spend a lot but still need that amazing gaming experience and access to latest games, then you should probably stick with a desktop. The reason is that desktops aside from being less expensive, are also more powerful.

That being said, however, gaming laptops exist as well which will satisfy your gaming needs at any point. They are also portable in case you need to travel frequently because of your job.

Networking cables are also an important part of a workstation. For high quality and affordable network, cables visit Kabel Online.

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We measure graphics resolution in computers, in pixels. A pixel can be described as one of the many dots that constitute an image's representation on a monitor. The total number of pixels - both horizontal and vertical - your screen is capable of displaying is what determines the quality. A new computer, as an example, is capable of displaying 1600x1280 px along with millions of colors as well.


The speed with which your computer loads and refreshes is measured in Hertz. One cycle per second is the same as one Hertz. The CPU's speed, for instance, is calculated based on how quickly it can complete cycles to carry out commands. If you have a 1000 megahertz or MHz CPU for instance, that means that the central processing unit of your computer makes 1000 million cycles every second. Some other things that are measured using Hertz are radio frequency and wireless communications as well.

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